This cemetery is known as the Tyson cemetery on old family property. The oldest grave that I've located there with a readable headstone is for Leonard Payne (son of Marshall Payne & Martha Herndon) who was buried there in 1882. This is a cemetery for African Americans and along with Tysons, you have Paynes, Gipsons, Durdens, Junes, Caldwells, Herndons, Gilliams, Johnsons, Sewells, all the other related families. Please visit for more pics and info on Sugar Hill as well as the best list of cemeteries you'll find for the ARK-LA-TEX area as well as their restoration project for old cemeteries. Click here to donate to the Sugar Hill Fund

Charlotte Beasley
Louisa Dunn
Richard headstone
Fannie Herndon
Martha Herndon
Charlotte Beasley/Payne 1815/1885
Louisa Dunn/Gipson - 1831/1901
Richard Tyson - 1844/1907
Fannie Herndon/Tyson 1857/1893
Ann Taylor
Ellen Tyson headstone
Scott Payne
Sambo headstone
Ann Taylor/Herndon - 1847/1924
Sam Sewell 1852/1935
Scott Payne - 1876/1897
Cliss Headstone
Charlotte Durden
Mary Jane Tyson
Joe & Mollie
Cliston Caldwell - 1882/1964
Mattie Tyson/Caldwell - 1881/1954
Charlotte Payne/Durden - 1887/1958
Mary Jane Gipson & Ausborn Caldwell
Joseph Tyson & Mollie Boyd
Jefferson Sr
Jeff Tyson Jr
Albert Payne
Elbert Tyson
Leon Gilliam
Jefferson Tyson Sr & Louvenia Payne
Jeff Tyson Jr - 1885/1970
Albert Payne - 1890/1965
Elbert Tyson - 1884/1971
Leon Gilliam - 1906/1986
John Payne
Catherine Tyson
Hannah Jackson
Adam June
Katie Herndon
John Payne Jr. - 1855/1923
Hannah Jackson - 1839/1928
Adam June - 1889/1962