These are photos of some of the spouses mentioned whose trees I haven't done yet.
Emma Taylor
Hurrie Palm
Emma Johnson
Emma Taylor 1901/1930 - wife of Joseph Herndon
Hurrie Palm 1903/1998 - husband of Johnnie Lee Hayes
Emma Johnson, wife of Lot June & Rufus Tyson
George dawson
Albert Titus
Ida Bozeman
George Dawson 1873/1929 - husband of Ella Rambo
Albert Titus 1897/1977 - husband of Cordie Tyson
Ida Boazman 1851/? - wife of Noah S Tyson Jr
Thomas Hicks
Janie Roach
Julia Ann Harden
Thomas Bowdre Hicks 1837/1896 - husband of Mildred Rebecca Payne
Janie Roach 1857/1933 - wife of Squire Bradford
Julia Ann Harden 1873/1930 - wife of Derry Durden
Josie Pruitt
Luvera Laura Titus
Evelyn Harrison
Josie Pruitt 1913-1999 - wife of Lee Nelson
Luvera Laura Titus 1891/1975 - wife of James Richard Caldwell
Evelyn Harrison 1903/1996 - wife of Lafayette "Lil Fate " Caldwell
Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor 1901/1930 - wife of Joseph Herndon