Young Cage 1849/1919 Netta "Nettie" Willis 1830/? Family Tree
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Not much is known about this side of the family, this is all I've dug up so far.

Nettie Willis – abt 1830

Netta "Nettie" Willis was Morning Haynes mother (name could be spelled Mourning, census has both ways), she is found in both the 1870 & 1880 census living with Morning and her family. She is listed as black and born around 1830, her birth location states as Virginia on one record and Texas on the other so not sure where she’s from or if the name Willis is a maiden name, slave name or married name. I believe she was a slave and had 2 known children with different unknown fathers, one child was Morning, and the other was William Rodgers who was also in both census reports, both born in Lewisville Arkansas. Morning was light skinned and was said to be Indian & Irish. I think the father was an Irishman and Nettie was black & Indian? Morning was born prior to the Civil War so her father could very likely be Netta's owner, and William was born around 1865 so his father could have been free. We do know that Morning had a white brother from a meeting with him and Morning's daughter Isabel near Prescott Ark.
A MTDNA (MITOCHONDRIAL) TEST was done that covered her lineage, she is in the L1b group most common to Lower Guinea/Nigeria, West Africa.

Children of Nettie Willis with unknown fathers

  1. Morning Haynes – 1854/1894  / married Cage Young – see Cage Young chart for kids
  2. William Rodgers – 1866/? married Annie Holloway

Children of William Rodgers & Annie Holloway

  1. Edna Lee Rodgers – 1915/1965 – born in Red River, Miller Arkansas married Price Stevens Jul 5, 1932

Young Cage/Cage Young 1849/1919

Since Young Cage had families and offspring with both last names he left behind children named Young and Cage.

Young Cage was born in Arkansas around 1849. The first record of him shows up in an 1870 census from La Grange, Lafayette, Arkansas living with a wife Caroline, 2 children and Caroline’s parents Alex and Elmira Howard next door with many more Howard family. Then as family history has been told he ran off with Morning Haynes who was also found in the 1870 La Grange census and they move to Caddo Parish, at that time he switched his name around and became Cage Young. He shows up next in the 1880 census in Caddo Parish married to Morning with more kids and it lists his parents as born in Georgia. The first two children with Morning are born in Arkansas and around 1876 they move to Louisiana and lived around Belcher. I would assume that Caroline found out about his other family and he left town with Morning. Caroline after that moved to Red River, Miller Arkansas with the kids and she’s in the 1880 census again with her parents and she lists herself as widowed. So there will be offspring here named Cage from the first marriage and offspring named Young from the second. In the 1880 census living all around Caroline are many Cages and I’m still trying to find a connection for the parents or any siblings of Young Cage. Caroline is also in the 1900 census living in Cut Off also in Miller County, again with other Cage families in the area. The oldest Cage I’ve found in the area is a Harry Cage born in 1830, a possible father. I suspect that Young Cage was born around Lewisville.

A newspaper article from 1913 states that Cage Young is the father of 24 children. The headline is "FATHER OF 24 IS INSANITY EXPERT"..."Caddo Parish Negro no believer in race suicide". - Read Story - I've been able to find 15 possible children and am still trying to find out who all his kids were. I would assume some died young and there may be no records for them. The article says Cage Young has been married 3 times and will outlive the 3rd wife if necessary and marry again. Story is that Young Cage returned home to Lewisville and that's where he died in 1919. My grandmother and some family went to his funeral in Arkansas. The different sets of children knew each other and my aunt Earnestine tells me that they all picked cotton together and that one would say "my daddy's name is Young Cage", the others would say "my daddy's Cage Young", good that they met and laughed about it.

Children of Young Cage & Caroline Howard 1849/?

  1. Fulton Cage – 1866/?
  2. Mary Cage – 1867/?
  3. Alex Cage – 1871/? married Ella Allford
  4. Jane Cage – 1874/?
  5. Susan Cage - 1875/? married James D Green

Children of Young Cage & Morning Haynes 1854/1894

  1. Nettie Young – 1872/1936  married John Jackson
  2. William “Bud” Young – 1875/1943 married Carrie ?
  3. Grant Young – 1877/1959 married Pattia ?
  4. Cimantha Young – 1878/?
  5. Isabel Young – 1880/1966 married Willie White Hayes
  6. Ezekiel R “Buster” Young – 1893/1945 married Fannie B ?

Children of Young Cage & Maria Shepherd

  1. Kansas Young - 1896/1951 - married Nat Walker Nov 24, 1919
  2. Joseph Young - 1901/?
  3. Josephus Young - 1903/? - (both Joseph & Josephus are in a 1910 census, not sure if they're his kids or adopted)

Child of Young Cage & unknown mother

  1. Sallie Cage - 1875/1925 - married Cyrus Seldon

=15 children


Children of Nettie Young & John Jackson

  1. Cora Lee Jackson – 1911/?
  2. Andy B Jackson – 1918/?
  3. Trudy L Matlock - 1918/?
  4. Rosa Lee Smith - 1927/? - (both Rosa & Trudy are found in 1930 census as grandchildren-not sure who the parents are)

Children of Isabel Cage Young & Willie White/Hayes

  1. Roberta Hayes – 1897 - 1898
  2. Rutherford B Hayes – 1898 - 1979 / married Willie Beatrice Slaughter
  3. Willie Lee Hayes – 1902 – 2000 / married Noah Carter & Dave Tyson
  4. Felcie Hayes – 1904 – 1970 / married Nellie Margaret Chew
  5. Johnny Lee Hayes – 1907 – 2009 / married Hurrie Palm

Children of Alex Cage & Ella Allford

  1. Young Cage – 1891/? m/Lucinda Smith Nov 17. 1917
  2. Alex Cage Jr – 1895/? m/Rosie Jackson June 15, 1915
  3. Cora “Corrine” Cage – 1896/1954 married unknown Jerry Hooks
  4. Sam Cage – 1898/1931- married Stella Bass
  5. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cage – 1899/? married Tom Owens
  6. Mary Alice Cage – 1902/? m/Henry Thomas April 12, 1919

Children of Sallie Cage & Cyrus Seldon

  1. Cyrus Seldon Jr - 1906/1972

Children of Susan Cage & James D Green

  1. William Green - 1897/?
  2. James Green - 1901/?
  3. Susanna Green - 1902/?
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