Noah Carter was the child of Dan Carter Sr. and Edness Jackson. Dan Carter Sr. had at least one known sibling, a sister Mariah Carter and the death certificates for Dan and Mariah both list what I believe are the same parents. Dan's certificate lists his father as Merida Carter and mother as Mary Mosser and Mariah's certificate lists father as Mortideth Carter and Mary Chancy. I think Merida and Mortideth is actually Meredith, this makes sense to me. The mother Mary Mosser listed on Dan's certificate had married Thomas Chancey. From these 2 records I believe the parents of Dan and Mariah carter are Meredith Carter and Mary Mosser/Chancey. Our family lore also had Dan's mother as Mary and the family knew of Thomas Chancey and said he was a Native American from Canada. Meredith Carter is found living in Caddo Parish at this time and owned land near Mira. Nothing else is known on him. Possible father of Meredith Carter was Hardy Carter of Union Parish, Louisiana.

Children of Merida (Meredith) Carter & Mary Mosser? (Slave)

  1. Dan Carter Sr – 1857/1916  m/Mattie McGee and a child with Edness Jackson/Vaughn
  2. Mariah Carter – 1858/1926 m/Nelson J Adams


Children of Dan Carter Sr.
With Mattie McGee

  1. Clarence Carter – 1886/?  m/Sophie Eskridge
  2. Florence Carter – 1888/?   m/Charles Bailey
  3. Lewis L Carter – 1890/1948   m/Estelle Eskridge & child with Norina Gilliam
  4. Luke Carter – 1896/1922  m/Lizzie Eskridge
  5. Dan Carter Jr. – 1897/?

note: Three Carter brothers married three Eskridge sisters who were the children of Hilliard Eskridge and Emma Morris

With Edness Jackson

  1. Noah Carter – 1898/1973   m/Willie Lee Hayes  Jan 20, 1920 and Mattie Pearl Culpepper

Edness Jackson was born around 1854 in Caddo Parish, her father was Bob Jackson possibly from Arkansas and her mother is listed as Cillia on her death certificate. Edness married Ed Vaughn and they had no children, her only known child is Noah Carter who was born when Edness was 45 years old, her last marriage was to Jack Browder of Caddo. Edness also adopted two other children, Callie and Oliver Jones who died young. Edness is the aunt of Mattie McGee Jackson who married Dan Carter Sr. and she was part Native American. Her brothers were known to have had long waist length ponytails. Edness died in 1919 and is buried at Paradise Cemetery in Hosston.

Children of Robert "Bob" Jackson and Cillia

  1. Rebecca Jackson - 1850/1925 m/Thomas Chancey
  2. Edness Jackson - 1854/1919 m/Ed Vaughn & Jack Browder
  3. Martha Jackson - 1855/? m/Efrom Arthur and child Mattie McGee with unknown father
  4. Frank Jackson - 1864/1951 m/Annie (possible brother)
  5. Mary Jane Jackson - 1870/? m/Leonard Durden
Noah Carter