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The Tyson Family of Caddo Parish, Louisiana and Allied Families is now available. The book traces the family trees of my grandparents Dave & Willie Tyson from Mira, Louisiana. 203 pages, hardback 8.5 X 11 with color photos. Cost is $50 US per book including shipping & handling. Price is only for US shipping. Any orders from out of the US need to contact me first to determine additional cost.
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book coverFront - dust cover can be flipped around for a alternate cover

Caddo Trees Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Memories of Pawpaw Dave & Mother Willie
Chapter 2 - Tyson/Gibson: Descendants of Noah Samuel Tyson Sr., Louisa (Dunn)/Gibson
Chapter 3 - Herndon: Descendants of John Frederick Herndon & Lou Patsy (Charles), William Herndon & Mary Woolfork
Chapter 4 - Hayes/White/Cage: Descendants of John White & Jane Hill, Young Cage & Morning Haynes
Chapter 5 - Carter/Jackson: Descendants of Dan Carter Sr. & family of Edness Jackson

Section 2 – Allied Families

Chapter 6 - Durden: Descendants of Floyd Durden & Jane Spearman
Chapter 7 - Spearman: Descendants of Frank Graves Spearman and slave Drucilla & Samuel W. Spearman
Chapter 8 - Payne: Descendants of John Payne & Charlotte (Beasley), and brother Robert B. Payne
Chapter 9 - Rambo: Descendants of Gale J. Rambo & Lydia
Chapter 10 - Gilliam: Descendants of Charles Gilliam & Mariah (Harris)
Chapter 11 - Caldwell: Descendants of Madison Caldwell & Sylvia “Virginia”, R Caldwell & Hannah
Chapter 12 - Hamlin: Descendants of Llewellyn Jones Hamlin & Martha (Petway)
Chapter 13 - Henderson: Descendants of Howell Cobb Henderson & Phoebe Crenshaw
Chapter 14 - Native American Lore: The Elusive Native American Lore
Chapter 15 – The Search Continues: Slaves & non slave cold trails
Chapter 16 - Family Memorials & Obituaries
Each family pedigree chart is included at the end of each chapter