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The Tyson Family of Caddo Parish, Louisiana and Allied Families is now available. The book traces the family trees of my grandparents Dave & Willie Tyson from Mira, Louisiana. 203 pages, hardback 8.5 X 11 with color photos. Cost is $50 US per book including shipping & handling. Price is only for US shipping. Any orders from out of the US need to contact me first to determine additional cost.

To order more than 1 book please go direct to Paypal and use my email address to send me any amount. Upon reciveing notification of the order I'll contact you via the email you provide to confirm the order and book amount.

book back coverBack
book coverFront - dust cover can be flipped around for a alternate cover

Caddo Trees Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Memories of Pawpaw Dave & Mother Willie
Chapter 2 - Tyson/Gibson: Descendants of Noah Samuel Tyson Sr., Louisa (Dunn)/Gibson
Chapter 3 - Herndon: Descendants of John Frederick Herndon & Lou Patsy (Charles), William Herndon & Mary Woolfork
Chapter 4 - Hayes/White/Cage: Descendants of John White & Jane Hill, Young Cage & Morning Haynes
Chapter 5 - Carter/Jackson: Descendants of Dan Carter Sr. & family of Edness Jackson

Section 2 – Allied Families

Chapter 6 - Durden: Descendants of Jerry Durden & Jane Spearman
Chapter 7 - Spearman: Descendants of Frank Graves Spearman and slave Drucilla & Samuel W. Spearman
Chapter 8 - Payne: Descendants of John Payne & Charlotte (Beasley), and brother Robert B. Payne
Chapter 9 - Rambo: Descendants of Gale J. Rambo & Lydia
Chapter 10 - Gilliam: Descendants of Charles Gilliam & Mariah (Harris)
Chapter 11 - Caldwell: Descendants of Madison Caldwell & Sylvia “Virginia”, R Caldwell & Hannah
Chapter 12 - Hamlin: Descendants of Llewellyn Jones Hamlin & Martha (Petway)
Chapter 13 - Henderson: Descendants of Howell Cobb Henderson & Phoebe Crenshaw
Chapter 14 - Native American Lore: The Elusive Native American Lore
Chapter 15 – The Search Continues: Slaves & non slave cold trails
Chapter 16 - Family Memorials & Obituaries
Each family pedigree chart is included at the end of each chapter