As early as 1842, Gayle and Lydia Rambo lived in the state of Alabama where two sons, Alonzo and Benjamin, were born. (Possibly other children were born there as well.) In 1849, the family was living in Louisiana where son, Monroe, "Rowe", was born. By 1867, the family, at least the sons, had moved to Cass County, Texas. The Rambo community just southwest of McLeod, Texas was named after this family as was the Rambo cemetery. The Rambo school was also built in this community for African American students.

Son Alonzo Rambo was born February 8, 1842 and after his arrival in Cass County, Texas, married on December 8, 1867 to Ellen Baugus. The Baugus family lived in a neighboring community known as Baugus Springs. Alonzo was the original grantee on 160 acres, abstract 932. By 1890, he was paying taxes on that survey as well as two other surveys - J.H. Reeves, 100 acres and W. Crowder, 60 acres. One daughter, Alberta married a Mr. Gipson. Other children's names are not known. Alonzo died on June 29, 1923 and Ellen died in 1920. Both are buried in the Rambo cemetery.

Son Benjamin J. Rambo was born February 25, 1847 and married America (13 Mar 1853 - 2 Oct. 1926). B. J. Rambo paid taxes on three surveys of land in 1890 - S. S. Preston, 320 acres; J.H. Reeves, 80 acres; and W. Crowder, 80 acres. Benjamin died on August 11, 1907 and is buried in the Rambo Cemetery. Children not known. There was a Ben Rambo who married Connie McIntosh (1887 - 1918). Both Ben, possibly a son of B.J. and America, and Connie were buried at Rambo Cemetery.

Son Monroe "Rowe", born July 29, 1849, married in Cass County, Texas on January 24, 1875 to Fannie Payne (15 Mar 1848 - 3 Mar 1907). They are the parents of George, born August 10, 1977 and Lucian Lewis, born March 9, 1888 and probably others. In 1890, Monroe Rambo paid taxes on the C. M. Roberson survey, 160 acres. "Rowe" died on November 23, 1945 and he and his family are buried at Rambo Cemetery.

On January 3, 1875, a Nedan Rambo was married in Cass County, Texas to Cora Holt. Was he another son of Gale and Lydia Rambo? In the Rambo cemetery, Nedan Rambo is shown as the husband of Susan McIntosh (1866-1938). Their children also buried at Rambo Cemetery were Johnnie Millard and Minnie Mae.

George Rambo, son of Monroe and Fannie, married first in 1906 to Flora McIntosh and second in 1910 to Effie May Tyson (1889 - 1957). His children were George Buford Elijah Vernon, Buford Vernon, Mary, Ethel L., Fannie Lee, Helen, Horace Tyson, Eurlene Lenetta and Arleyne Loretta.

Lucian Lewis Rambo, son of Monroe and Fannie, married Ella Telford. They were the parents of Leora Ruth, born 1912 and Freddie Fay, born 1922.

Source:RootsWeb/Cass Texas