Lou Patsy

I've found two documents on this, one from 1840 and the other from 1845. The one from 1840 was found on AFRIGENEAS.COM in their slave research forum. I was told about it by Pauleta Davies, a Payne descendant and contributor here. The 1845 document is found in the book "No Land Only Slaves" Vol 3-Caddo Parish by Smith & Lehman. Lou Patsy Emancipation blog post


Caddo Parish Police Jury Minutes - 10/12/1840
A petition was laid before the Board of Police by Washington Jenkins Parish Judge of the Parish of Caddo at the request of John F. Herndon for the Emancipation of his Slave Patsy.The petition passed its first reading but was laid over until the next meeting for the purpose of obtaining more information (see below).

Caddo Parish Police Jury Minutes - 12/8/1840
The Court of Police after receiving the foregoing [unrelated] Reports took into consideration and discussed the petition of John F. Herndon for the Emancipation of his colored woman, Patsy, which passed its first reading at the preceding Term of the Court and after due examination passed its second reading and is as follows:
To his Honour the Parish Judge of the Parish of Caddo,
Your petitioner a citizen of Caddo Parish respectfully represents to your Honour that he is the owner of a Colored woman named Patsy who from long and faithfull Services rendered your Petitioner both when he labored under Sickness and been in health, he is anxious and conscientiously believes it to be his duty to set at liberty together with her offspring your Honour will do me the favour to lay this petition before the Police Jury at its next meeting and a subsequent [illegible] and do and perform such other acts and things as may be necessary for the ultimate relief of your and he will ever pray be,
John F. Herndon

On motion it was resolved that the aforegoing petition be received and adopted and that the Slave Patsy and her offspring be emancipated for life.


(Cad C 377 1806) - 29 Apr 1845 Herndon, John F to EMANCIPATION. Patsy Herndon, f, 28 and her 5 children, Mary Ann Herndon, Sarah Jane Herndon, Joseph Herndon, Jacob Herndon and John Herndon. *binds himself to take care of women and her 5 children. Wit. J B and Parsons, James W. Judge: Jenkins, Washington   -   pg69 No Land Only Slaves - Vol 3/Caddo Parish

Lou Patsy Charles, born about 1817 in Virginia and died in Caddo Parish after 1880 - date unknown, she is buried in a unmarked grave next to John Frederick at the Herndon/Raines Cemetery in Pine Island.