The Herndon/Raines Cemetery in located in Pine Island off Herndon Rd. on Herndon property. The oldest grave I've found is for John Frederick Herndon 1796-1883. Please visit redriversankofahs.org for more information on cemeteries from the ARK-LA-TEX area.

Mary Ann Herndon
Arnold Herndon
Lou Patsy Herndon Harris
Jim Jr
Jim Sr
Mary Ann Herndon/Raines 1837/1905 wife of John Raines
Arnold Herndon 1907/1920
Lou Patsy Herndon/Harris 1893/1997
Jim Herndon Jr 1937/1900
James Herndon Sr 1902/1977
Harold Herndon
Gracie Ann
Alice Raines Thomas
James Hawkins
Ruth L Herndon
Harold H Herndon 1904/1996
Gracie Ann 1865/1933 1st wife of David H Raines | Ralph Hunter
Alice Raines/Thomas died Oct 4, 1966
James Hawkins 1895/1973 husband of Katie Raines
Ruth L Herndon 1913/1933
David Raines
Joe & Bernice Herndon
Katie Raines
Raines twins
David Herndon Raines 1860/1945 & second wife Mattie Brown
John Frederick Herndon 1796/1883
Joe & Bernice Herndon
Katie Raines/Hawkins 1901/1973
Lennie & Lela Raines Twins - 1892/?