Noah Tyson Sr's brothers: Archibald and John Adams Tyson, brothers, married sisters, Archibald married Sarah Jane Warren, John Adams married Martha Matilda Warren.

"Archibald Tyson was born in Pitt County NC Sept. 5, 1805 and died at Lowndesboro, Alabama June 23, 1874.  On Aug. 5, 1825 Archibald Tyson bought 80 acres on the north side of Hardees Run, Pitt County from John Speirs and his wife Elizabeth Speirs, the widow of James Tyson. In Aug. 1828, Archibald turned around and sold back the same land to John Speirs.  Sometime after this date Archibald and his brother, John Adams Tyson, moved from Pitt County to Lowndes County, Alabama.  According to family tradition they journeyed for 5 weeks with 12 Negroes and 10 mules to get to Alabama. On June 8, 1843 Archibald was married by Rev. William Rice near Prairie Hill, Lowndes County, Alabama to Sarah Jane Warren (b. Jan. 29, 1823-d. Aug. 29, 1889) the daughter of Laban and Parthia (Jones) Warren, of Fort Dale, Alabama.  Between 1850-1858, Archibald and his wife built the lovely antebellum home which still stands known as "The Pillars". Archibald was remembered as a successful farmer of practical means and he would not allow his overseers to whip his slaves.  When the Civil War ended he had on hand 500 slaves, who were set free by the result of the war. He luckily had 500 bales of cotton which bought anywhere from $0.75 to $1.00 per pound and $10,000 in gold he had saved." Page 27-28, The Tyson and May Genealogy of Pitt County

NOTE: Archibald Tyson became owner of "The First White House of the Confederacy". Ownership of the “Jeff Davis House”, as it was called, passed through Willis Calloway’s and William Crawford Bibb’s hands to those of Archibald Tyson of Lowndesboro, Alabama, who maintained it as a townhouse. At his death in 1874, his daughter Sallie Tyson inherited it and rented it out. It is mentioned in his 1872 Will as a home given to his daughter Sallie known as the "Bibb House". Archibald's Will divides up $40,000 in cash, $31,000 in US Bonds, $10,000 stock in the Second National Bank of Montgomery (which was sold and transferred to Merchant & Planters National Bank), $5,000 bonds of the North & South Railroad Alabama, 2,540 acres of land including 8 properties: home lot, Swamp Place, Hearne Place, Warren & Caldwell Place, Williams Place, Simms Place, house/lot at SW corner Melton & Bibb, house/lot at NW corner Washington & Bibb.

taken from the book "No land Only Slaves"

Bill of Sales for slaves: female Lonie 16, male Abram 20, and their offspring, female Linda 15, female Amy 26

Cad C 710 nr 1 Jul 1844/13 Jan 1847 Tyson, Archd. Of Lowndes Co, AL to Tyson, Amanda of Lowndes Co AL. (her trustee is Tyson, John A of Edgecomb Co, NC) Bill of Sale/Gift. Abram, m, 20; Louie, f, 16; “and their increase”. $1.00. No Witnesses. Clerk of Lowndes Co AL.: Hinkle, M.B.

Cad C 711 2289 5 Aug 1843/13 Jan 1847 Tyson, Archibald of Lowndes Co, AL to Tyson, Amanda of Lowndes Co, AL (her trustee, McQueen, James W.) Amy, f, 26; Linda, f, 15. $1.00. Wit. Stone, JB. Clerk for Lowndes Co AL: Hinkle, MB

Amanda Tyson was Noah's wife Amanda: these slaves were a gift for $1. The 15 yr old Linda could be Malinda Tyson the mother of Charlie Tyson Sr. Amy could be the Annie Tyson living with Noah post Civil War. The trustee named for Abram and Louie is John A. Tyson, this may be John Adams Tyson, not sure.

One of Archibald's grandsons Laban Warren Tyson Jr (1880/1954) married Mildred Keller the sister to Helen Keller. Also a son of John Adams Tyson - "John Russell Tyson" (1855/1923) - was a U.S. Representative from Alabama, Lawyer, and Judge. Another of Archibald's sons Archibald Pitt Jr was a Confederate Civil War veteran who served in Mississippi with Nathan Bedford Forrest the man known to be the father of the KKK.

Antebellum home - the "Pillars"
the "Pillars"

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